Are You Saying Too Much?

Are you aware that sometimes we speak out of weakness. Yeah! Sometimes we share more than we need to not out of desire but out of fear or a need to explain ourselves. Yet the more we share the more we expose ourselves. Let's face it, outsiders do not need to know all about you. In fact, they won't understand and because they don't they will draw conclusions or make assumptions that are far from the truth. They will do so with such conviction and will feel they need no further explanation as they know what they need to know. Well, that is unfortuneate yet we won't be able to change that. But, we can avoid it by thinking before we speak, by speaking what needs to be heard and holding close that which we must guard. We don't just hold close secrets from our past or things that are currently happening. We also hold close dreams of better, ideas that are in their infancy and have yet to be nurtured. You see when we share to much we allow naysayers and opinions to get through which can discourage us from dreaming. These naysayers can keep bring our past to the present, and can give strength to the pain which we are trying to overcome. Not everything needs to be shared and mainly not with everyone. Outsiders are just that, "outsiders' and we can and should share with them only what needs to be shared. Sharing more only gives them entry into your circle when they do not belong there. And entry into your circle will create a sense of chaos you were not ready for. Don't speak out of weakness, if you feel as if you will, simply learn to walk away. This will allow you to regroup your thoughts and regain control over your emotions. Control your words and you will be better prepared for your next step.