Perception does not equal Reality

Perceived Reality

Our perception of reality is directly tied to our experiences and surroundings. What I recognize as my truth may not be the truth for you and it is to be expected. Babies are born every day and it is fair to say that many children from around the world share the same birthday from the date to the time. They may even weigh the same or very close, yet who they are born to and where they will be raised and how; might not be the same. What they will see, hear and experience may be completely different from others born the same day. For each, their reality is what they know, not what they read about or hear on the news; it's what they perceive to be their reality. Some will be open minded and challenge what they perceive however some may not and end up setting for what they know.

I’ll use an example:

A child is born into a poor neighborhood, his parents were raised in the same neighborhood, this child will go to the same school his/her parents went to and his expectations of his future might be in agreement to what he sees, hears and feels. He / She may expect to fall in love in the same neighborhood, raise their own families and continue the same cycle; after all they were born to such circumstances and like their parents, siblings and friends they don’t expect better. One day someone approaches them and says, “I see you have great potential, I will help you apply to schools, help you apply for scholarships and student loans”. This child who has now grown into a young adult is facing a challenge to their perceived truth and it can go either way. If open minded, the young adult will dare envision something better, might not fully see what that is but hope is present and they will jump at such opportunity. Yet, if the young adult is set on his perceived reality; he /she may not want to entertain such opportunity as; “Why would they set themselves for failure? Why would I pursue an empty dream when I already know what my reality is?” Our perceived reality is not necessarily the truth unless it is all we accept. In order for us to expand our vision we must be open to entertaining other realities, read more, listen more, ask questions, and try new things. We may have been told we could only go so far but until we push ourselves a little further we will not truly know how fare we can go. Our birthplace does not decide where we will live and our current situation will not define what our future will be. WE do that, and we do it by our choices. We can choose to accept our reality as our only truth, or we can choose to be open and explore our options.

The same goes for a child born into wealth. His perception of reality may not reflect the truth as his /her reality may not include need for basics. He / She may have his future determined for him; thus their perception may include challenges which a poor person may never experience. We all face problems, different problems, but these are still problems. In order to understand the truth about life we must be open to reaching out and exploring that which we don’t know.