Plan Your Exit Strategy!

Many of us are plagued with problems at work.....we feel as if we are trapped in a place with no where to go or hopes of improvement. This feeling of doom is a heavy feeling which can take a toll in our personal life as we dread going to work, the need to do so and at times those whom depends of that job. Let's face it, we need an has a price tag therefore if we do not generate an income living a life with dignity and peace can be very complicated. But working should not become a burden and if it is we must look for a solution.

Why? Because that job needs to be a means to our "living the life of dignity and peace" and if we are miserable then that income is not providing what its meant for. Makes sense? So, what is root cause of your problems? Is it the type of work you do? Could it be a co-worker or your Manager? Get clear on what is the true cause. We need to make sure we understand it in order to be able to decide on the appropriate solution. Solution? Yes, there is a solution. But to find it you need to be able to identify and size the problem. If all we do is say, "I hate my job" then we will not be in a position to move toward corrective action.

I can talk about this freely because I have had great jobs and jobs from hell. And when I have been miserable it has taken a toll on my performance and my relationships. Therefore to me, it is important to do something that makes me happy. Because I have had several jobs I know that I need to always be ready to move on if needed. So what does that mean? That means that if I know I can't stay in the job, then I must be preparing myself financially to make a change. How?

Well, first give yourself a timeline. If you already know that this job is not the right place then plan your exit strategy. How much time do you need to create 6 months min of savings to meet your expenses? What jobs or business opportunities are you interested in exploring? Key word: "Exploring" You don't need to have quit your job to begin exploring your options. On the contrary, while you are working this is the time to begin searching and saving.

The wonderful thing about planning your exit strategy is that you go from that feeling of Doom to feeling empowered about what you can do. Nothing in life has to stay the same... and if you don't believe this. Think of might not be open to changing your job, yet your job can be taken from you at any time....with little to no notice. So what would you do then? Not an easy thought, right? Well planning your exit strategy puts you in control and because you will feel empowered, how you think, speak and act will be in agreement to your new sense of empowerment.

Understand why you feel as you feel, be clear on the root cause and then you will be in a better place to address and correct it. Your feelings of doom are tied to your belief that nothing will change, yet you can change once you are clear on what you need to do.