When One is Ready for the Message

I don't recall through my years of schooling envisioning myself writing other than maybe a note to self never to be seen by others. Yet here I am, writing. My first book titled "Life According to Me - My Life Views" was not originally intended to become a book. Instead it was a journal, to help me find myself. You see I was in a dark moment of my life and I understood one thing, and that was I really did not know me. I knew my name, what I looked like but who I was from within, what I wanted as a person, and what I could accomplish was a mystery. So I took on to paper, and if you read my book you will see that it was not written by a professional writer, it was written by someone who simply dared to share her life. Since writing has become a part of my life as I believe through word I can reach those who like me are searching for answers. You see sometimes for those in pain, its easier to read than be told. Why is that? I believe that its because we need time to digest the message.

When we are in pain, we don't want to be told that things are simple or that with a little effort we may change our situation. At the sound of those words of similar words we shut down and this wall comes up instantly to protect ourselves and keep out the intruder. The intruder being that message. However when we read the message, we can think it through. We can decide which part to to entertain and which part to refuse and when. I find it important to use the word "when" as we may reject the message at first yet our need for truth will bring us back to the word(s) and slowly the words will begin to challenge our thinking, our views and our beliefs. Slowly we will begin to question ourselves and begin to accept the possibilities of the message in our lives. Through the years, I have spoken to many who either rejected the words or whom understood them and I can tell you that it is when we are ready to change that we will be ready to listen.

As time passed, my next project, "Dancing With The Devil" began to take form. In some way it picks up where my first book ends even though my life changed tremendously since writing that book, the lessons learned remain true. Yet this book is intended to help with our daily struggles, the fear of the unknown, of trying new things. The doors we fail to open or the chances we chose not to take. Some have asked me why the title? They either find it intriguing and for some it strikes fear. Yet once you begin to read these words you will understand how fitting the title is and you may believe as I do that this dance happens on a regular basis. My intention through this book is not of helping you connect to religion, instead its intended to help you find yourself. To help you define your life and help you choose to try a bit more. Its about having the confidence that you can do more because that which you want wants you. When we dare think, when we dare define, when we dare explore, we become free to be more. And when we do, we release ourselves from darkness and choose to dance in the light. Stay tuned for more information on this new project, "Dancing With The Devil"