Need a Breather!

If your day seems to get out of control, it may be time to step back, walk away, and take a Breather!

There are times we simply need to walk away in order to think and put things into perspective . Our day is plagued with too many emails, too many things that need our attention at once, be it at work or home. Let's face it, as good as we may be, we can become fatigued and miss out on important things due to the amount of stuff on our plate. I said it, “STUFF”!

Not everything that comes our way is important, but if we are overwhelmed we may not know the difference between that which needs immediate attention and that which can wait. Therefore when we find ourselves feeling a bit overwhelmed take a breather:

  • Step away, take a short walk. Time away from your mess will do you good.

  • Set time aside to just organize your desk, your email inbox.

  • Set up a task list you can follow on a daily basis for work and life activities.

  • Follow up on your progress, make sure all parties are on the same page.

  • Ask questions, if you don’t understand something, ask.

  • Re-prioritize. Sometimes those that give you tasks are unaware of what your day looks like, thus hearing from you will help them give you a better sense of what is truly urgent and set accurate timelines.

  • Do not make decisions based on assumptions. When in doubt ask for clarification. Assumptions are time wasters and lead to misunderstandings.

Like I said at the start….if your day gets out of control, step back, and walk away, take abreather it will do you much good.

Eileen Gonzalez - Life According to Me