Rise to the Occasion

I don't know how to do this; how can they ask me to do this when I have no clue? Well that may be true, yet I am of the mindset that when you are tasked with something its because you have the ability to make it happen. It might test you, force you to think and act differently. It will surely have you doubting but through it all this new task is really educating you. By the time you are done, you will know how it does not work, how it should work and you will know how much effort it took to get there. Therefore rather than wonder if you can, choose to rise to the occasion. Be clear on what you know and do not know and be open to research. Give yourself permission to explore, to rethink that which you know and to test your ability to do more. If in doubt, ask. If uncertain, test. Get good at asking for feedback, at taking notes and keeping track of your progress. Don't feel bad for your set backs, instead you are taking notes., you are learning and you are perfecting.

Rise to the occasion, take on the opportunity given to you, as those who have tasked you believe in your potential and envision your success.