It's Complicated

We tend to over complicate life. I know, life can be complicated on its own, this is an absolute truth. But we over complicate it by overthinking about every single thing that we have to do. We let things get in the way, we let moments pass us by because we are too busy dwelling over the complications. Look, if your job sucks, start searching for a new one. But bitching about your boss, and feeling sorry for yourself is not going to make your life get any better. However, by taking a conscious decision to find something new, you all of a sudden change from depressed and angry to excited about change and opportunity. Let’s face it, if we continue to be unhappy at our job, it will carry on into all we do and the potential for being fired can become a reality, therefore put your energy into finding something that enriches your life not takes from it. If your marriage is in crisis, if you know what you know you can either face it or ignore it. But sooner rather than later that crisis will become front and center and ignoring it will no longer be an option. Therefore, as much as it hurts we must face the problem, speak those words we’ve been holding back and challenge the current status. Silence is not our friend…and in order to make things better we need to learn to communicate. We can’t save everything, we all know this to be true, yet we can save our dignity by knowing we did all we could and we understood its time to move on. Taking care of others, this is a tough challenge and it can take a toll on the best of us. But losing our cool is not going to make it better. This is why it’s healthy to ask for help, to take time for yourself and reconnect with your inner being. Taking it all on your shoulders will leave you feeling weak, and when you feel drained then you start entertaining negative thoughts which lead to anger and frustration. Therefore, to do right we must start by doing right by us and that means showing yourself some love and not being so hard on yourself. Remember I can’t carry you over my shoulders if my knees are about to buckle! Be strong for you and in turn you will be strong for those you are caring for.Life can be complicated but it can only get worse when we over-complicate it

Book: Life According to Me - My Life Experiences

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