I Have Risen Because I Have Fallen

If life were perfect we would never need to improve. We would be content to live life as it is with no need to wish for better. Yet life is not perfect, circumstances aren’t always ideal and if we live a life of no action we will endure a life of poor results I am no expert but in my personal life I have risen because I have fallen. I have become stronger, because I have been bruised and it has been within my moments of chaos in which I became most creative and enlightened. Therefore, if we want to grow in life and become better, we need to choose to rise above our chaos. We need to recognize that with each challenge comes opportunity and understand to our core, that it is ultimately up to us to create something with the broken pieces of our past. I will be honest, I too at times have wanted to hide from the world, crawl back in bed and wait for time to pass. Maybe if I wait it out things will get better. The truth is waiting for things to just get better is wishful thinking which will lead you nowhere. Our problems will just get bigger and will take a life of their own. Therefore, doing nothing is not the answer. In the face of a challenge we must rise to the occasion. We must be ready to take action and sometimes that means jumping into the unknown. I have spoken to many who feel the urge to take the leap, part of them feels they can do it, but the other part wants to keep them in the safety of what they know. They recognize they’re not happy, they understand that things need to change, but as uncomfortable as they are, the fear of what they don’t know is greater than the need to change. The problem with this is that fear will always be present, therefore if we give into fear we will never move forward. Those that have done great things have not done so because of the lack of fear, they accomplished things because they chose to move forward, take action despite the presence of fear. They understood that in order to get better they would need to prove to themselves they could do more and they knew that fear was an emotion with no more power than the one we give it.

Life is not perfect but it is perfectly aligning us with our path and perfectly preparing us to overcome our challenges. Therefore, we must make the perfect decision to face our challenges no matter what these are, and choose to move forward even when we do so taking baby steps. Life might not seem perfect, but it is better than fear lets us believe.