Who Dimmed the Lights?

Have you ever walked around feeling as if your light was fading? You feel as if your path is no longer clear and in some way, you forget why you are even moving forward. Your shoulders feel heavier and your steps become slower. Who dimmed your light? We dimmed our lights the moment when we allowed criticism to second guess yourself. We dimmed our lights when we allowed lack of love, respect and consideration from others to extinguish our self-love, self-respect and consideration to the person we aim to become. We dimmed our light when the thoughts of others became more important than our personal thoughts regarding the lives we live and our potential to achieve. Within each of us is a desire to be accepted, however that need must not be lost upon those who will never love and accept us. Why waste our time trying to bring people into our lives who don’t want to be part of our lives? Why want to shine before those who are busy looking away? Our lights were never intended to be lit by anyone else other than ourselves. Therefore, don’t give others the power to dim your light, they don’t deserve that power and the truth is they never asked for such power. Get up, shake it off and make a conscious decision to move forward and slowly your light will begin to brighten and shine again. Life According to Me