Find Your Voice!

Some of us go about life with so much to say yet say nothing. We remain silent even when we want to burst and speak up. We walk away, shrug it off but it eats at us from within. Why do we do that? Some of us were taught to stay silent and we believe that if we speak up and make noise others will no longer accept us and leave us. We believe that in order to be loved we must tolerate and silence our thoughts. We convince ourselves that although we feel in a certain way, that which we feel is not as important as that which we can lose. But what if I told you that in the process of remaining silent you lost yourself? Would that bother you? What if I told you that when you lose yourself, that which you fear losing is no longer as important as you once thought? You might not understand it now, but losing yourself is your essence and you are or should be your most valuable asset. Therefore, if you lose who you are what else do you need? In order for us to give the very best of ourselves to others we must have something to give. If we feel lost, we have nothing to give, we don’t make sense to ourselves as individuals. So how do we fix this? Well, I guess we start by speaking up! There is so much power that comes from hearing ourselves speak up, from speaking our mind and from taking a stand. Its not about being aggressive or being disruptive, its about being true to self. If you have questions, ask. If you have doubts, seek clarification and if you want to or don’t want to. SPEAK UP! At first speaking up might feel uncomfortable as you are pushing past the belief you must be likable and accepted. But once you begin to hear your voice, you will feel empowered and you will realize it makes you powerful and in control.

Find your voice…. because those who love and care for you want to hear you. Those who prefer you in silence don’t deserve you and never will.

Eileen Gonzalez