Time to Work on Self

What about me do I need to work on? Well, the truth is you already know the answer but you may either be in denial or have found a way to excuse it. But the truth is, it's there and not doing anything about your issues or situations is simply settling for what you have and accepting you will purposely not change. Yes, I said “purposely’.

Everything we do is on purpose, maybe not at first but once we realize the situation, we will automatically choose. Some will automatically brush it off or dismiss it, while others will leap into action to change course. That first reaction is like a reflex response toward that person, place or thing which is now impacting our lives, however, after that initial response comes thought. And it is while in the thought that some us will make the defining decision. Some of us will feel we are unable to change things and will settle for what we have and accept it as our new reality. While others who have a clear vision of their future and are focused on finding their way will go immediately into action to get back on course.

But how do we get back on course? Some might think it's as easy as moving forward or moving that which came into our lives out. But it's not that simple. You see those people, places, and things did not just wander into our lives, in some way they were attracted into our lives. It could be a lesson that needs to be learned or it can be due to choices from our past which lead us to this moment. So, the first step is understanding why this situation? Is there anything I need to do differently? Am I overextending myself or maybe not enough? Am I open to learning and reaching out to those who aim higher, or have I conformed to what I know and selected to surround myself with those who are content with their surroundings? Do I go about life without giving the best of me to others? Do people see me as someone who does not care about them?

Everything in life is done on purpose, it does not matter if we realize it or not. If we cross the street without looking both ways we purposely get run down by a car. If we write that text while driving our car we purposely got into an accident. Again, it might not be your thought-out intention but it was a direct response to your action. If you partied all night and did not study for your test, you may have failed or done poorly. If you dismiss people because they look different, think different or act different from you, then you might attract a negative light upon you and you might be holding back from being the best version of you.

Let’s take a step back before some go into a tangent and feel that my words are putting the responsibility on the victim of crimes. Crime is wrong and there is never an excuse for rape, hate, burglary etc. NO is NO! Hate is perpetuated by ignorance, and if it’s not yours…. it’s not yours! There is a need in this society to get back to basics of showing love, kindness, and respect for others. You see if we went through life believing that love, kindness, and respect are essential to living we would not do the things we do to each other today.

Getting back to the purpose of this writing, everything we do is on purpose, no matter if we realize it or not. Each thought, word, and action set forth a reaction. If we choose to recognize this then we may think twice before we answer that email, we might want to read it three times to ensure that the message conveyed is the correct message to generate the response we need which will help us in our job, career path or future goals. We may think twice before being short on a text as it may say something we never truly intended. We may think twice before slamming that door on a loved one as we know that the door might represent so much more than just a moment of anger. We might realize that the door is a wall which was purposely placed before the two-causing separation. And you might understand that no matter how angry you are, that door should never be closed between you. We might be honest with our employers and co-workers and ask for help as we will understand that when we’re honest things will come together as things should.

To speak and act in life and expect no reaction is not reasonable. Once you understand that everything you do was done on purpose not because of your desire but due to the choice to act, you will understand that it is entirely up to you to control your thoughts, your words, and actions to achieve of life of love, peace, and prosperity.

So, what do you need to change? What can or should you be doing differently? Are the results of your life the results you need or want? From this moment, if you think of the next 3 or 5 years, where do you see yourself and is that where you really want to be? The answers to these questions are not found in a book, these are found within you; you will find them when you stop excusing your choices and stop settling for the reality you learned to accept.

Eileen Gonzalez

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