Do You Know?

What drives you, what's your motivation? Some of us are not really clear on what really triggers us. In fact, some us can pin point the triggers that piss us off but not what moves us to be better. You might think that those thing that bother us the most are our motivators, you'd think, right? But that's not true in every circumstance. You see some of will actually learn to deal with and accept that which pisses them off and continue on their way doing nothing to fix it. Remember fixing your situation has nothing to do with arguing, cursing and blowing off steam. Fixing it requires us to identify the root cause, figure out how it impacts us and what it will mean to change. Understanding this will allow us to make a conscious decision even if we don't have a clear road map and embark on a journey toward better.

So, what drives you? Is it having a better career, paying off your debt, losing weight or simply getting along better with your kids or spouse? Each of us has something that needs to improve and not to impress others but for us to live the quality of life we deserve and are meant to live. Therefore, understanding what we need and want is essential to embarking on this journey.

No one can tell us what it is we need, they don't know. Actually, they should be busy figuring out their own. How do you get clear on what your drive is? Well, I like to spend time alone, feel the ocean water beneath my feet while I enjoy the sounds of the waves. I like to take long drives and reconnect and literally speak to my Higher Source which in turn helps me connect to my inner being. Understanding and recognizing what I need rather than what is expected from me, is key as it will help me define who I want to be and what I truly want in life. Do you want to change careers? If yes, what exactly are you looking for? Is this change due to money or is it that you seek more of a challenge? Get clear on this as it will help you narrow your search and help you prepare for this change. Do you want to change scenery? Where would you like to go? What does changing your scenery truly mean to you and what will it help you achieve? Hey, if it’s about change you can just randomly choose a City, State of Country, but that might not help you find what you’re looking for. I am all about taking risks, I have taken a few myself, but doing so without an idea of what you want is riskier than taking the chance itself. Change is Good......but we must have a sense of direction. Think of this, if you embark on a road trip and your GPS can't define your starting point, it will not be able to give you a clear road map toward your desired destination. You will find yourself taking detours, getting lost, having to ask for directions which at times can throw you way off course. Not good, right? The same happens with us, if we don't know where we are at this moment of our lives we won't be able to clearly define our new path. Therefore, get clear.

You are where your past has lead you to. So, understand where you are and why you got here. Don't feel pity for your past mistakes instead learn from them. These mistakes will serve as stepping stones towards positive change. Once you recognize where you are and do so by making peace with it, you will be ready to define where you need and want to be. Do this with excitement, not because you can achieve it overnight but because you can see light at the end of the tunnel and you recognize and understand that positive change is underway.

Eileen Gonzalez - Life According to Me