If You Expect It, Then You Will Receive It!

I recently felt a bit heartbroken, not devastated and not morally broken, but I felt hurt. It pained me to see a really good person not be able to recognize that he does not listen. Instead he hears a word and runs with the assumption which he is too quick and eager to embrace. Many of us do this and when we do, we end up cheating ourselves. We remove or push away people from our lives, experiences that can enrich us just because we don’t recognize that we do not listen. Hearing is a blessing, but listening is a skill which can only truly occur when we shut up and stop overthinking.

When we silence our minds and openly, wholeheartedly, choose to learn

about the other person, then we are ready to listen.

Communication is key, right? But one can’t communicate by themselves. If your words fall on deaf ears then nothing you said will make things better. You won’t be able to guide he who does not want guidance and you won’t be able to help he who does not want help. People fall into this trap thinking that no one understands them, but that is not entirely true. Though there are things that others may not experience, when they truly care they will make it a point to understand your pain and frustration. The question is, do you let them in? You may say, “Yes, of course”. But do you really? Chances are you don’t. You see if you are always expecting to be let down, you will find yourself disappointed. If you expect to be abandoned, you will find yourself alone. Not because others make it a point to hurt you but because every good intention will be received with distrust and rejection. I recently felt a bit heartbroken but you can’t think for others and you can’t make them want what they don’t know they need.

Eileen Gonzalez - Life According to Me