Are You Getting Noticed?

1-You are a great candidate but for this position, you seem to be overqualified. 2- Thank you for your interest but at this time…………….

You might have received one of these responses or you might not have received any response at all. Regardless of which you receive the feeling is never a positive one, in fact at times, it hits us like a punch to the gut. Are you tired of this? Are you feeling uncertain of how to get noticed?

Let’s face it, if you did not need to work, you would not be searching for work, and each of us has our priorities and urgencies to attend. So as common and understandable, it may be that searching for work can take time, it does not change the fact that we need to pay our rent and meet our responsibilities. So, what do we do?

Well for starters we polish our interview style. What style? Are you kidding, I hate interviews! Well, don’t worry, you’re in good company. In fact, I felt that way a couple of years ago. As the end of my time drew near after 10 years of commitment and successful venture, I was dreading having to start over and interviewing again. I was frustrated having to sell myself again and not knowing how to do so effectively. That is when I decided to change how I thought about the interview process and how I approached each interview, and I can tell you that have become excellent at interviewing. I am confident and well prepared and this is what I want to teach you.

The art of interviewing is not that hard but it requires you to change how you think about it and also to understand the game in order to win. This can be a challenge especially when you have too many years of experience and dread the process, or when you are young and a bit cocky, not understanding that what you think about yourself and how things should be is not necessarily the reality of the professional world.

As a Director of Recruiting and as an experienced Customer Care Manager and Trainer, I bring to you all that I have learned as an Employment Seeker as well as a Recruiter. Let me help you shine in your next interview.

Eileen Gonzalez