We're All in Sales!

I am not a Sales Person but I know that part of being successful is getting over rejection quick and moving on to the NEXT. A successful Sales Rep knows that sales is a numbers game and that you will get a bunch of "NO"s before you get the "YES" that matters!

OK, so you're not looking for a Sales position so what's the value of this message? You, yes YOU, are a Sales Person and you are selling your greatest asset, YOURSELF. Your resume is your business card, your cover letter is your introduction, and your interview is your presentation.

You must sharpen that resume, you must clearly express your strengths and what you want through your cover letter and you must bring it all together face to face.

But understand, not every job is for you, so say hello to those pesky "NO's" and though you may feel rejected or deflated, understand that each NO gets you closer to your "YES". So practice your sales pitch and remember you are offering your time, your skills, your services in exchange for compensation and opportunity. You decide what that is.

Eileen Gonzalez