Love, Defend & Protect Yourself

I believe that sometimes it seems easier to avoid thinking about that which causes us pain. We do this by trying to protect ourselves our sanity. This is natural, its human nature. But healing does not occur by ignoring that which causes pain, healing happens when we confront it.

Confronting pain: What if confronting our pain would mean facing others and trying to make them stop? Well, that might not result in the solution as we have no control over others. Therefore, sometimes confronting the pain means confronting ourselves. We need to understand why we allow things to happen and why we react the way we do. Confronting the pain forces us to make decisions that will remove us from situations which continue to cause hurt.

Protecting our sanity: Our sanity is fragile when we allow problems to get the best of us, our vision becomes clouded. The lack of clarity leaves us feeling weak and vulnerable. The solution is safeguarding our sanity and for this, we must remove chaos from our lives. Can we remove all of it? Maybe not, but we can set boundaries which we will impose on those around us.

Peace of mind: Living a peaceful life is your right. Who we allow into our lives and how we live is a choice we make. We don’t owe anyone anything more than our very best. But when those around us bring out the worst of us they no longer deserve our attention or energy. Surround yourself with people who make you better, by those who love and respect you as you are. Surround yourself with those who inspire you to reach your highest potential and who motivate your creative mind.

I believe that sometimes it seems easier to avoid the pain but I know that that healing happens only when we’re brave enough to love and respect ourselves when others don’t.