Quick Apply?

Ah yes…that quick apply on job boards helping us apply to any job that appears on our feed. Great option, right? Maybe if you just want a job no matter what that is. But if you’re looking to find a career you can grow with, not so much. And let me be honest, I have like many taken advantage of this feature but that was before I knew better. What are we looking for? If you’re looking to grow, what does growth look like to you? What is the ideal job, and what will it provide you? How do you see yourself within 5 years and is your choice of career going to help you achieve those goals?

What skill sets do you have and how can these help you in the workplace?

You see its not just about pushing a quick apply randomly, finding the right job or opportunity requires clarity, we need to know what we want and have a clear understanding of our strengths and weaknesses. The more we know about ourselves and our direction the better prepared we will be in our search for the ideal job.