CAREFUL, Skeletons in My Closet!

You want to see those skeletons disappear? Bring them to light. I know some are embarrassing and we’d like to tuck them away deep in that closet hoping they disappear into the dark hidden world of the Closet. Unfortunately, these dam closets are not that deep and skeletons can rattle leaving us wondering if they will be exposed at the most inconvenient of times.

Skeletons in the closet have great power over you cause more than in the closet they live in the back of your mind. And you want to know who gives it life more than you? The Devil or the Negative Energy…. yes, in fact, my new book “Dancing With the Devil” focuses on how he corrupts us and robs us from our peace. Well, no one would love more to use our secrets to scare us into submission. But submission of what? It's not like we are going to join a cult (I would hope not) and promise servitude in order to keep our stupid past from showing up…. again “I hope not, I’m not giving you any ideas” LOL

Facing our problems is the key to freedom, facing our past is the way to actually leave it in the past. But the biggest problem with facing them is the feeling of shame, shame of ridicule, of disappointing others and of having to relive the pain of yesterday. But the truth is that every day or the moment we spend hoping the skeletons don’t rattle is a moment in which we are reliving our past mistakes.

So here is the deal, we’ve all made stupid mistakes, bad decisions, whatever…you get it. And each of us has a story of a not so great moment in our lives. So as disappointing it might seem to openly speak about your past, you must understand that no one is more disappointed as you are. Therefore, speaking your truth is actually going to allow you to heal and release.

The past, or those bony skeletons are a heavy burden and they don’t belong in your future. Does not matter what they are, can be from a huge problem or from tiny bad decisions. If you hide them in shame, their weight becomes a burden which will take a toll on you. Therefore, put down that heavy weight, open that dam closet, let it all spill out and with your magical broom and hefty garbage bag start dumping the trash.

What once was, no longer is, and what we once thought, may no longer be relevant. So why hold on to it? Like I said before these closets are not so big and rather than wondering when the crap it will all come crashing down, its best to clean it out and make room for things that truly matter and fill our lives with joy.

Eileen Gonzalez