Consumption Awareness!

We are what we eat, right? Of course, we are and we know it. If we eat right our bodies respond better, we’re stronger and we can enjoy good health. Yet eating is consumption and we consume much more than just food. Stay with me! We eat, we smoke, we drink, we have sex, we do things to our bodies and to our minds. We consume words through books, images through movies and TV, and we consume thoughts, behaviors, and habits through people we associate ourselves with. It’s all consumption! Do you agree? You might be rolling your eyes, or maybe you might be in full agreement or contemplating this thought of consumption. Wherever you find yourself, you’re thinking of what you’re consuming and the impact it may have on you. At times we allow ourselves to become glamorized by what we see, we are tempted by image, taste, and smell. Yet all of this can serve as a distraction to keep us from better. If we’re clear on what we want in life, and we are truly focused on bringing these things into our lives then we will be careful with what we consume. This book is about “Dancing with the Devil” and distraction is a way to make our minds wander off, lose our focus, and walk away from the path to our purpose. So yes, the Devil loves to see us consume that which corrupts us. By being careful of what we consume we can protect our eyes, ears, our mind, and our body. Did you notice I have not yet mentioned our soul? That was not a mistake, although I being a believer in God do believe we must nurture and cultivate our relationship with our higher self. I do also believe that by protecting ourselves and staying true to our purpose and journey we are in some way taking care of our spirituality. It’s OK, you might not believe in God and I am not going to ask you to do so, but you believe in your essence, in your innate ability to be and do more and expand. This belief is spiritual and when you take care of yourself, when you protect yourself from consuming things that can harm or keep you from your best, you are then taking care of your Body, Mind, and Soul. Let’s face it, you and I know when we’re watching things that corrupt our minds, we know when are listening to things that cause hurt, fear and destruction, we know when we are speaking words of hatred and ignorance. We know when we choose image over substance and when we sacrifice our integrity over earthly things of little value to our true essence, our soul. We are what we CONSUME……if you’re corrupting yourself, maybe it’s time you change what you’re consuming or let Consumption keep you from reaching your best. Remember, life is about choices and our consumption is a choice we get to make every day. Be Careful with what you consume or Your Consumption will Consume You Excerpt of "Dancing With the Devil" by Eileen Gonzalez