Tearing Down Emotional Walls!

I think people have given up on trying. They have given up on trust, and how can we blame them when opening up has led to hurt? If I allow you into my life, if I let you see my weakness then I am at your mercy! But what if being vulnerable, allowing someone else to see us at our weakest actually allows us to connect at a higher level. What if in order to truly love we must tear down the walls we’ve created throughout the years in the attempt of keeping us safe from hurt? When we live in seclusion we are living within those walls. When we shut people out, we are living within those walls. These walls are a result of every tear we’ve cried, every heartbreak and every broken promise. These walls were put up by you to protect you. But these walls don’t protect you, in fact they hurt you even more. These walls keep you from forging bonds, from new experiences, and from discovering your full potential.

How can we grow if we fear getting hurt? How can we truly love if we hold back? When we tap into our weakness, we find our strength. Leaving the past behind and opening ourselves to the potential of new experiences will reignite us, will renew our energy and will bring to us more than we dared imagine. We don’t know what we don’t know but if we choose to live behind our walls, then we by choice we will never know.