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I just watched this wonderful, funny, and heartfelt movie titled, “I Feel Pretty” with

Amy Schumer. I cried through parts of it because I understood how she felt. This movie focused on how she saw herself, and because she did not find herself attracted, she went about life as invisible. She limited herself until a bump in the head changed how she saw herself. The moment she felt confident, she became fearless and people perceived it. Even though she felt beautiful, her looks did not change therefore everyone around her only noticed the change in how she carried herself. Just as she gained that confidence, she lost it again. Those around her expected the confident young woman, but she went into hiding. She even hid from her boyfriend because she did not want him to see her how she saw herself. I can relate to those feelings, in fact, I have felt that way for many years. When I lose weight and feel good about myself, I carry myself differently, I feel smarter and more assertive. Yet I recognized several years ago that people see me as I see myself. But we don’t do this to ourselves just in our physical appearance, we create a vision of ourselves in many aspects of our lives and it takes a devastating toll.


Just as we can look into a mirror and feel ugly, we can look at our bank accounts, or at the job we’re in and feel worthless. We may feel that we are unable to do better and that nothing we take on opens doors of opportunity. The key word in all of this is ‘FEEL”. Just because we feel something does not make it our reality.

A mind is a dangerous place. Our subconscious mind stores all our experiences and words are spoken or heard. It holds on to all that which at times we wish to forget. Then one moment something triggers a memory and all the negative feelings arise making all of our progress in life take a back seat to feelings.


Feelings are like our temperature, it lets us know if we are OK or not. And just like we should not ignore our temperature we should not ignore our feelings. We don’t take our temperature and sit by the campfire staring at the number thinking, “hmm that temperature seems too high”. If we have a temperature, we take care of it, we look to bring down our fever. Well, we need to do the same with our feelings. Negativity, self-pity, feeling trapped, confusion makes us feel depressed. And depression, well that leads to darkness.


When in Darkness we are unable to think clearly, all we do is wonder how we got to this moment. We revisit our decisions and rather than coming up with solutions, we just relive our mistakes and wish we’d do differently. We can get stuck in this cycle for days, weeks, months and years. Ever wonder why shit doesn’t seem to change? Could because we’re too busy living in pity land.


You’re right, shit has to change but how? Well, sitting on your couch staring at your shit isn’t the answer. The answer is in doing something, anything to shift your mind from where it is at the moment. And trust me when I say, this is easier said than done because we are feeling being.


I don’t know how each of us got to this place in our lives, but we got here and the truth is we can’t undo the past. But there is something wonderful we can do and that is we can change something right now which can change our future. You don’t cry over spilled milk, right? No, you clean it up and serve yourself another glass.


What kind of dumb talk is that? Yes, you may have screwed up but that does not take away your potential. Screw ups are like roadblocks, they delay your progress by forcing you to slow down or take alternative routes, but roadblocks are not meant to stop you forever. You know what can stop us forever? Our negative bull shit chatter.


If we talk shit into our lives, we get shitty results. That simple. Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo, I am not a millionaire! Well while you’re busy focusing on what you don’t have you might be taking for granted what you do have. Do you realize to some it may seem like you’re on top of the world? Does this mean you should just be content with what you have? NO… means be grateful while you continue to aspire and work towards more. If you want something, you have to make it happen. Success is not for the lazy!


I kind of went on a tangent but the topic and message of the movie was great, we are who we believe we are and others see us in the same exact light we see ourselves. So, if you want more and want to be seen as better, then you need to do more and begin to value yourself more.