Improbable but not Impossible!

If I would've told my teachers that one day, I’d be writing books and coaching individuals they probably would've rolled their eyes and chuckled. The truth is that I was not the best student not because I was not capable but because I was lazy. Reading comprehension was a struggle for me as I had to read the same chapter several times in order to understand what I was reading. You can imagine how much I dreaded being asked to explain what I had just read in class. I felt as if something was wrong with me and I did not want others to see me struggle. What changed? Well I still struggle, I can’t learn by just reading instructions and I can’t immediately explain what I read unless I have real life examples in which I can relate to. This is why I love working on projects, its hands-on experience. I began writing out of the need to find clarity, my first book was really a journal. For those of you who may have read it you will notice its not your typical book. It was an exercise which allowed me to find my way and make peace with my past. I fell in love with writing because it allows me to clearly communicate my thoughts but it does more than that. It also allows me to analyze why I think as I do and put things into perspective. I also enjoy the opportunity to share my experiences through the written word. I have learned through my journey that we are all connected and that we connect for a reason. There is a reason you are reading this, while others are not. You might fully agree with my thoughts or it may simply challenge your way of thinking and help you sort through your current situation. By connecting with others, I too have the opportunity of being challenged and seeing things through the experiences of others, and isn’t that how we learn? If we were to go about life because of what others expect us to do or be, we would be limiting our potential. Yes, there are others who have better education or financial backing than you or me. But that does not mean they will use all their resources to succeed, in fact many successful individuals have done so because of their desire to succeed. They have held on to their dreams of better and done everything in their power to push themselves forward. They understand that their potential is not determined by what they know but what they are willing to do.