Dancing With the Devil – Designing the Book Cover

When I was working on the “Dancing With the Devil” manuscript I was envisioning the cover of the book. I had an idea of a dark dance floor with a dim spotlight focusing on the center of the floor. Of course, I am no artist but my thought was on darkness. I approached my friend Joey Northrop from Morena Bohemia Art Gallery asking her to design my book cover. She quickly said yes so, I proceeded to entrust her with my incomplete manuscript. Joey went quickly to work and within a few days she shared with me the draft of the “Dancers”. At first, I was not sure what to say, I loved it, thought it was beautiful but I was not sure if that was what I wanted for my book. The title alone was strong for some, and I thought this image could be seen as too seductive. So, I asked Morena and she confirmed that from reading my story it was clear that seduction was in fact part of this dance. Yet seduction does not make it sexual. When the Devil or Evil seduces us, it does so by using what we want yet can’t have. It could be through relationships, finances, careers, objects, anything our heart desires and we feel is unattainable. You see our feelings of joy or sorrow are powerful. Our feelings can lead us straight into the path of darkness. When the Devil seduces us it uses our weaknesses, our frustrations, our pain. You see the Devil can’t seduce us when we are fulfilled, he must wait for that void in us to consume our thoughts. It took a while for me to fully grasp the image, although I loved it for its beauty, I just needed to accept how it connected to my words. But before I made the full connection, I decided to trust Joey. You see she loved my work, and she was going from her gut. That image was born from her interpretation of my story and isn’t’ that what we want? The man in the painting is faceless, and that is because he or it does not represent a man. It represents darkness, sorrow, despair, weakness, and loneliness. Her weakness in its arms represents her pain, her lack of strength, and her inability to see light in her life. It has not fully consumed her as even though she seems fully lost, he has yet not been able to lock her completely in his arms. We at times feel lost and evil thoughts begin to dance in our minds. All our failures and painful events come to the forefront. This is how it keeps us from our light. It needs to distract us from finding our path, it needs to make the darkness so thick that it drowns out any hint of light. It needs us weak and hopeless, that is how it consumes us. But you and I have hope…. we have the opportunity by simply choosing to take ownership of our lives. We can choose to not dance by choosing to not live in the past. The moment you decide that you will create your future, and that you will do it regardless of not knowing how, that moment you begin to walk away from the dance floor and away from his grip. Thank you, Joey, for visualizing my work and for bringing it to life.

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