I Am Not Here to Fix You!

I love that song “Fix You!” However my job is not to fix anyone. That’s our responsibility as individuals. Each of us has power and potential. We are heirs to the throne, sounds cliche I know! But we believers know or should know we’ve been tasked with a purpose, and by GOD’s mercy we are more than capable of fulfilling our purpose.

Moping around, complaining, making excuses and blaming God or others is your bullshit story! It’s that excuse you made up to help yourself sleep at night. I’d do more if only...... I’d try if.......I would be more, do more, give more if........ BULLSHIT!

You will do it all when you take responsibility and commit to creating better. Stop making excuses and MAN up or WOMAN up! This is your time but it is up to YOU to make things happen! Eileen Gonzalez, Writer & Author "Dancing With the Devil"