Dear Ladies!

Dear Ladies,

Unfortunately, you and I are expected to always be nice. We are expected to be accepting, permissive and forgiving. We are expected to put aside all our hopes and dreams and cater to the desires of others, be it our boyfriends, husbands, lovers, children and even our employers. We are expected to be accommodating. When you are successful or on the path to creating a life of greatness, whatever that means to you, you will attract attention. It’s not your fault, positive energy is attractive! However, when we dismiss the attention or keep it real, we go from being nice and attractive to being rude and self-centered. **This message is not about male bashing instead it’s for us ladies to continue focused on what matters to us.** We will attract attention due to our energy and our commitment to excellence. They expect that their attention towards us will be appreciated, well received and hopefully reciprocated. I have received the “Aren’t you looking for love? Aren’t you looking for a Godly man? Do you want to be alone? What if the man doesn’t want what you want, is he then not good enough for you?” Let me answer this for the Men and for the Women! Everyone should define success according to their vision. They should pursue the life of their dreams and live according to their values. This goes for every single one of us. When looking for a partner we need to know the difference between admiration, crush, and love. And when you do you will be able to identify clearly who belongs in your life. Not everyone who is admirable will make a great partner. Knowing who you are and setting clear goals for your life is important for your journey. Knowing who you bring in to your circle will either help you in your journey or serve as roadblocks. Relationships should not be taken lightly because a strong partnership will help both parties reach their full potential while a weak partnership will keep you from greatness. Rejection, as painful as it may feel is not rude or self-centered. Of course, if the rejection is followed by insults then I can understand why some will get all offended but we should be grateful that others are connected enough to their vision that they will respect our journey and dreams but also recognize that our journey and theirs is not in alignment. We don’t have to feel bad for knowing what we want and for honoring our goals. We don’t have to apologize for aiming higher and for prioritizing ourselves. We don’t have to put our dreams on hold until others around us feel accomplished. And if those around us can’t understand this or accept this, it's their problem, not ours to solve.

Writer & Author, Eileen Gonzalez "Dancing With the Devil"

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