The Brain is Not Always Right!

The subconscious mind is where we store beautiful memories as well as those that make us cringe. The images of what we fear lives there. These images are dormant until the brain needs to resurface them to “protect us”.

The brain is not always right, it does whatever it needs to do to protect its host, YOU! When fear strikes it leaps into action and sometimes it saves us by awakening the warrior in us. But sometimes it makes us find shelter and holds us captive from the danger that only exists in our mind!

Have you heard if, “feel the fear but do it anyway”? That's how we teach our brains, create new images for our subconscious and step outside of our comfort zone. Comfort zone: You won’t find success and happiness there. You can feel safe but you won’t find what you need! You want better? You’ll find it outside your comfort!

Confidence: We become confident and assertive by practice, by getting uncomfortable and facing our fears.

Subconscious Mind: A hidden chamber in the mind which stores real and fake memories. If we felt it, its there. Like with any file system the mind has access to these files and will find them when triggered.

Courage: Comes from pushing ourselves, testing ourselves and choosing to figure it out. Knowing you don’t have all the answers but you are committed to being more and doing more.

Love: Everyone needs to feel loved and wanted. It begins by loving ourselves but we also need that connection. True love goes beyond the physical, its an emotional connection!

Fear: its the Devils way of keeping you in his grip. He loves the subconscious mind. Its his little toy box stored in your brain. When he sees that you’re trying to change or seeking joy he will trigger fear and let your mind do the rest.

Faith: This word is a verb, requires ACTION. You can’t say you trust God if you live in fear and put things before his plan for your life. Faith means we walk despite our fears, we walk through darkness and we walk through hesitation. We take this walk because deep inside we believe we’re meant for success and happiness. We are promised these things as part of our responsibility in fulfilling GOD’s purpose in our lives!

Eileen Gonzalez, Writer & Author of "Dancing With the Devil"