Declare Better is On its Way!

Updated: Jan 18

Late 2018 I declared 2019 would be a great year. Well, 2019 started off on a bad note but despite my tears and worries, I was committed to a vision!

I did not know if what I wanted would realize itself, but I continued. There were moments I had no strength and moments in which I wanted to stay in bed. But I continued. I published my book, “Dancing with the Devil”, I relocated and began a new job in a state with no family members or lifetime friends.

We must understand in our core that our future is in our hands therefore requires our attention and action! Life will always present us with crooked roads, alternate routes and delays. But we can still reach our goals. Many times, life is simply delaying us so that we can focus and tweak our plans as we continue to move forward. There is something interesting that happens when we commit to our journey with an open heart and a mind open to new experiences. When challenges come our way, we realize we are flexible. This flexibility comes from our thinking and of how we react to our new situations. A challenge is an opportunity to rethink our course and consider alternatives. Do you realize that sometimes while we’re on our path towards better we discover our true calling? We realize that the initial goal was just a way to get us started. This does not mean that every goal will change but it can as we allow ourselves to expand and connect with our inner voice. We begin to explore and unleash our potential. As this happens, we begin to feel empowered and more assertive. It’s like this our eyes are opening to a world we did not dare imagine and it’s a world in where we are possible. The more I think of these words I think back of times I’ve done some crazy shit only to scare my family. They would cringe at my boldness yet. I was just allowing myself to be. There is so much freedom that comes from giving ourselves permission to be different and to do things in a different way. There is a boldness that takes over us that allows us to challenge the status quo and pursue dreams that seem unattainable. Courage is not something you’re born with its something you develop when you choose to go for it despite your perceived reality. Courage comes from facing your fears, overcoming your self-imposed limitations and daring to define a new path for yourself

Eileen Gonzalez