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Did you know that it takes Employers about 30 seconds to read your resume before making a decision on whether or not to pursue you further? That’s not much time, right? Having a well prepared, detailed, and informative resume is one of the most important aspects of getting you noticed and in the interview process.


As Director of Recruiting, Professional Resume Writer, and Career Coach, I offer several resume optimization services to fit the various needs of job seekers like you.  You can do it alone, or you can get help from a professional like me who knows what Recruiters and Employers are looking for.

We offer the following services:
*  Resume (only) - prices vary 
*  Resume / ATS file / 2 Cover letter - package prices vary

Career Coaching packages  (prices are customized to clients needs
*  3-week package
*  3-month package
*  1-hour coaching session(s)